Sunday, June 23, 2013

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me... [Jazz Standard Cover]

A favorite because well... it's just so damned cheeky init?  However, I am so tired when I record this that I am a little sure Ima fall over.  Thought I needed something to share this week, tho.

Also, note that I am dressed like a bee.  I was proudest of that. (Bzzt!)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Actually wrote something -- live vid below.

A lovely version with additions by Mr. Dave Savoian is on the Musics page.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The not so extraordinary machine.

When you think about it, we're pretty strange machines.

If you were going to make a robot that was true to the human experience, you'd have to make something that broke when you yelled at it.

And how does that work that a brain can be broken by thoughts and feelings? That it can be rendered irreparably or temporarily out of service via things that aren't even tangible? That we still can't even entirely quantify?

And if for those of us that sustain damage, there is a fix, why not a vaccine? A barrier for such a clearly fragile organ.

Sitting here, with my dry mouth and reusable plastic water cup, I imagine that I'd like to melt it down into a helmet. That if I willed it to be so I could block the bile of the world out and give my mind a rest. Alternatively, enroll it in a boot camp where it might learn to be less of a pussy.

I could spare it for a while, refusing to let it back in the door until it can do 50 pushups and run a mile without stopping.

But if you start to cry, you're back on the porch!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey, up there... what's that?

For those that have asked, I have posted up the little pieces I have created over time -- even the old, the short, and the embarrassing.  Just look up for that box that says "Musics" or look down for the link.

I think my favorites are the ones where I was just singing at a hole on my computer -- and my parents wondered what the hell I was howling at.

It'll never make me famous 'er nothin' but it's interesting to look back -- there's just something about it that holds more than an old blog or journal ever seemed to.

Thank you all for your interest, and for being around for a lot of it. <3


Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm not big on breakfast.

I have a pet rat named Molly.  She used to have a friend named Mouse because I had this problem where when I got all googly over them at pet stores I kept calling them Mouses and feeling stupid.

Anyway, around the time that I started to remember to call them rats, Mouse died.  If that was her purpose in life, she definitely fulfilled it.  That and to singlehandedly eat a gallon of Cheerios.  She was ambitious.

Today I spilled out the contents of my art cabinet and asked Matt what I should draw.  I don't think, at the time, that he realized I can't really draw and mostly planned on making a mess and probably ruining the carpet -- but he answered anyway.

He told me to draw Molly.

So I did.

Molly would have said "Hi" but she was too busy searching for Cheerios and trying to fit the entire contents of her cage into her hidey hole.